I went to Quartzite recently with some friends for a week. It was so much fun :-) I bought a lot of little do-dads that I can put in my booth in March. I ended up buying a lot of things in bulk. I tell ya, once you get in the habit of doing that, it is hard to break. I just wanted to buy the butterflies from this one vendor who had all of this shown below in a container..... I couldn't see myself sorting through them for just those. So... "How much for it all" was met with a price... and here we are.

I bought a bunch of little animals cut out of rocks. Owls, squirrels, dogs, turtles and seahorses. I thought they would be cute sitting on my tree stump shelf.
I bought the little "mud" cabochons and the green diamond cabs with a thought of doing some kind of pixie necklace... we'll see how that pans out.
Here is a bunch of miscellaneous things I picked up. Of course, now it looks like heaps of junk... but I've got plans for it all!
It was so dusty... all the sparkles are covered with dust...
Of course I had to add to my huge chip bead stash...
I was taken by the colors of these butterflies, so I bought a bunch.
I am always needing more skulls... I think I've now got enough to not worry about running out any time soon.
I love a fun sparkly crystal~ These are  not specimen pieces by any stretch of the imagination, but are just cut off chunks.. but all beautiful none the less.
I have a bazillion other things I've bought-- but I've managed to squeeze it away already into my ever shrinking studio. I was needing some leaf beads and I ended up buying in bulk 11 HUGE bags of leaf beads in eleven different colors. I would love to have them displayed in eleven glass jars... but for now, they are in a tote because like I mentioned before.. my studio is shrinking :-P

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  1. WOW! I wish that was close enough for me to attend. Great buys.


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