Oh my goooooooooooodness. Ok, for weeks now I've drooled over others old vintage stuff.... dreaming/longing of my very own. Well... today as I was coming home from a "bummer of a day shopping at the boutiques", I came across a sign that read "AUCTION". I've never been to one. WOW! Within 2 minutes I was hooked, and well on my way to buying out the place. It was swealtering heat, but so much fun. I kept fanning myself with my number and the man kept thinking I was bidding. What a hoot! He finally got to calling me... "That girl who loves Christmas" I bought two lots of Christmas stuff :-P $2.50 each *takes a bow*
I have yet to go through everything, I am still shaking from giddiness so I thought I would come blog about it all while I was still on this high lol. I'll blog more later with photos :-P

Here is my loot:
Two lots of Christmas items (boxes & boxes)
A box of vintage hankies & mirror
A slew of vintage cards, Christmas/greetings etc.
Old stamps, cards envelopes, papers
Old records with their covers and bindings intact
Linens, doilies, some vintage fabric
An old diploma
That is just the stuff I saw, who knows what else I'll find. Hmmmm hopefully nothing is going to jump out at me lol


Julieann said...

Wow, you lucky Duck---You hit the jack pot:) I have never been to an auction myself, it sounds like a lot of fun.


Gina E. said...

Oh Cheryl, this brought back memories of the last auction I went to. I don't go to them at all usually, but this time I took a friend who had never been to one before. Oh man, did her husband pay out on me when we got home! She'd racked up over $1000 on their Visa card, on antiques!! I didn't bid for anything - it was all way over my price range!
What are you going to do with those linens - keep them or list them on eBay? Hope you post some photos here!
Gina in Oz.