Two down, two to go~

I finished two swaps today. Now I've just got to wrap them up and get them mailed~ the first one is for the cupcake swap. I made a fun container to hold all the loot. I made a little suitcase into what kinda looks like a large cupcake. It took me f-o-r-e-v-e-r to finish it! lol. I sent: a cupcake book, some sparkly blue sprinkles, 6 ballerina cupcake dancers, long spoons with cupcakes on the ends, a crocheted cupcake that when you lift the frosting pincushion you can get to the thimble/thread inside, some buttons, a vintage large jello mold, a emboidered tablecloth, some cupcake papers decorated with cupcakes and some cupcake/ice cream garland that I used to keep it all snug in the large cupcake suitcase~Next, the party hat artdoll. I made her into a garden fairy who is wearing the latest rose petal party dress which is all the rage in the Paris gardens these days~She is two sided so you look fabulous coming and going! I used silk rose petals glued to a cone with vintage sheet music lining the underside. She has transparent wings which are sandwiched between two mirrored images.


Kelli said...

Oh, the cupcake container is the CUTEST thing and I love your garden fairy. Her dress is gorgeous! I'm sure your swap partners will be happy with their gifts!

B said...

Wow, I wanna be your swap partner! I'm with Kelli, that cupcake container is just awesome and the fairy is sooo beautiful. You are a very talented lady! I know the lucky recipients of these gifts will be thrilled.
:) Brenda

Jean Knee said...

love all that cupcake sweetness. Where did you get the ballerina picks? I've been wanting some.
That doll is so lovely, are those the yellow flowers I sent ya? I'm glad you found a good use for them.

Sallie - AKA *Sparky* said...

Oh wow! Your Garden Fairy creating is gorgeous!! She's so elegant and fancy looking, and her wings are soo pretty! Love it!!! Sallie

*Heidi* said...

You've inspired me to complete my Art Doll for the swap! All your cupcake items are great--your partner will love the package!

Lucy said...

Excellent idea on the cupcake suitcase to hold all the goodies, it's just adorable!!
Your Art Doll is beautiful, as well. Lucky partners!!