Oh-my-gooooooooooooodness! I went to several yard sales today. Yes, on a Sunday, can you believe it? I hit pay dirt, and I hit it big time~ I must admit, I am super duper lucky when it comes to finding stuff and getting things rather cheap. It comes from years & years of practicing my skill. Something I like to call "razzle-dazzle." If you were to see me in action you'd see what I'm talking about and fully understand lol. Anywho...back to my bounty! At one sale, I got all of the above for 3 bucks. A glass stand, some vintage plastic Christmas stuff, small frames, a lot of jewelry, ribbon and a funny little metal stand. Isn't that glass tiered stand so darn cute? I got it so cheap because there is a large nut at the bottom of it that makes the darn thing kinda lop-sided. They had a "free pile" which I went through and pulled out a metal stand... I thought I could certainly use that for something... I realized later that the metal stand was actually the base for the tiered glass piece. Happy-happy-joy-joy!

Next yard sale.... wow. I was poking around in the garage, nothing fabulous when all of a sudden the gal asks me if I sew. Well...YES I do, why? Inside the house laying on the carpet was a massive selection of sewing goods, paints, bindings, ribbons, lace, glue etc/etc/etc. It was just way to much for my little ol' heart! I said..."I'm going to need several boxes lol. Sure enough, I loaded up two boxes and a bag~ all of which I paid $20 bucks for. *gasp* I know! At a yard sale? I never pay more than 10 bucks for anything.... but, I was seeing the prices on the things that I was placing in my boxes, and $20 bucks would have bought me two of the things I had in just one box, so needless to say it was a fabulous purchase. I got... several scissors, several rotary cutters, packs & packs of rotary blades. Boxes of embossing powders (most never opened) sewing machine needles that will last me the rest of my lifetime. A huge box of tassles, ribbons, several containers of oil for my sewing machine, a vintage made burlap bag that holds yard sticks (came with 4 yard sticks, 1 metal-1 extra thick for quilting and 2 regular) a tin full of velcro, a tin full of lace appliques... two containers of metal studs for clothing or paper accents....ummmmmmmmm some markers that are like paint brushes, some vintage gift tags, a white "hand" (I collect hand statues)The photos below are just some of the items I got, I always get so eagar to put stuff away before I remember to take pictures! lol

A box of glass knobs, silk thread, rhinestone do-hickies....
So much fun stuff... now I'm just needing some fabulous containers to display all this fun stuff so I can see it to use it lol


*Heidi* said...

Oh my goodness!

I wish I were there in person...to look at and touch all your great finds/buys today! Let's see what you make now! Happy crafting!

B said...

You scored BIIIIGGGG TIME!!! I bought a glass tiered stand exactly like that one you got, only I paid $25 for mine. Got it at an antique store. I thought I was getting a good deal then, but, oh my gosh, you just hit the jackpot, didn't you! Like Heidi said, now let's see what you make out of all that great stuff you got!
:) Brenda