Here is something I made for a one on one Christmas swap with Melissa Lobdell. She is an amazing artist whom I admire a lot. Her work is so cute! Anywho- here is my quick attempt at something thats supposed to look fabulous... but just ended up looking "all glued together with no thought" lol ----this is one of 5 items I sent, I was to lazy to take photos of the rest :-P

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B said...

Whatta ya mean "all glued together with no thought"? Looks pretty darn good to me! Hey, and I'm lovin' that egg holder thingy you posted yesterday. What a great idea for its use. I have a smaller one of those that I got for Easter eggs. Think I'll pull it out, dust it off, paint it, and "borrow" your idea of storing thread in it.
:) Brenda
O and I wasn't really hinting at you giving me your heart-shaped photo album. That was so sweet of you to offer. I would love to know how you put it together, though. I think it would make a lovely gift for many different occasions.
Have a great weekend!