I just happened to be driving by the house in my neighborhood where I bought all of that fab stuff for $20 bucks... noticed there was a massive pile of left over stuff... had to stop. Needless to say, I ended up hauling most of it home with me. I had to send my hubby home to pick up my truck. (yes, it looks like a beat up ol' truck... lol... its a 1964 falcon) The majority of the items I will be donating to a thrift store. (my house is full already!) but... the fabric, wowzers. There is enough fabric to open a small shop! Again, I had to toss loads of it into the donate pile as I just have no place to store that much. The large rolls on top of that pile...well thats a roll of ultra suede, a roll of white satin, a roll of thick clear plastic, a roll of a heavy gold fabric-with a price of $8 bucks a yard :-) I have no idea what I'm going to make with any of it, but its mighty nice to have it especially with it all being free. And-- I met the nicest people who are renting that house.... exchanged numbers... who knows, maybe they will be our newest bestest buds~


Amy said...

Hi Cheryl! Don't forget to sign up for my swap if you are interested!



*Heidi* said...

Good thing you got that sewing machine of yours all oiled up... Let's see what you sew now!