Weekend plans~

This weekend my daughter and her family are going to be going out of town, which means I get "pet duty" over at their house. I have big plans for their house while they are away! Mistake leaving me with the key lol. They are both so busy with work and their new baby that they never seem to get projects done, so I thought I would get some things finished for them. I was thinking about making & hanging some curtains, filling in some "bald" spots with some silk plants.... slip covering one of their chairs... hanging some lace curtains on their french doors.... and of course making some jackets for her little dog Coco~ Loads of busy work (which is just what I'm needing....)*sigh*..... I am going to be getting all four of my wisdom teeth taken out on Monday :-( Seeing how I am such a baby whenever it comes to things like this.... this is devastating news. *sob-sob* The good thing is that I'll be completely knocked out. Hooray for drugs~ lol


  1. When it comes to dental work, the ONLY way to do it is to be completely unconcious! I don't envy you AT ALL as I think I'm probably the world's biggest baby when it comes to the dentist.
    Sounds like you really nice projects to do at your daughter's house. I'm sure she will be pleasantly surprised!
    :) Brenda

  2. hey! wow! wanna come do pet duty at my house? mr madison promises to be on his best behavior while you slip~cover my furniture and foof!! he said he'll bite very softly :)


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