Mixed Media Monday

This weeks theme was: HatsHere is a little fairy that is going to stand on this shelf which holds some of my milk glass collection... she is going to guard against dust bunnies. As we all know-- they are wild and dangerous creatures that lurk behind our treasures....bad-bad dust bunnies. She is standing on a gold glittered star surrounded by vintage paper flowers. You can find more Mixed Media art pieces at this site --->


  1. Oh this is lovely. Brilliant piece.

  2. She is gorgeous, Cheryl! I think I need a whole army of these to guard against all the dust bunnies here, LOL! Diane

  3. I want one! I love her hat! This is just fabulous! Thank you for the inspiration!

    - Jessica

  4. Wonderful diane, great interpretation as always, i too need someone like her to warn away the dust bunnies:)

  5. She is adorable! I need thousands of her friends to guard my house against the d'buns.


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