paintin' & more paintin'. I purchased this darling antique chair for $2 at a yard is now painted white. It is very petite and I love the look of the curved side pieces. It is surprisingly comfy. It is going to be my new computer chair. It is either mahogony or oak and is extremely heavy for being so tiny. I also picked up the bookcase behind it along with a small dresser that it will eventually stand on...for $100....geeze! what was I thinking lol..but I needed the narrow piece for my bathroom. Sometimes you just have to pay a lot to get a certain sized thing.
Then there is this piece. It is on top of this table because- you guessed it- it is being spray painted white. This wooden table has been passed around my family for years. It was in my bathroom but now it will go in my den. I have a large lace panel that I hook underneath the piece so all you see are the main legs. It is pretty cute when its all put back together. I am hoping tomorrow to get the finishing coats put on everything. I really don't like painting!! but I love the results~

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  1. Hi, Cheryl!
    Just trying to get connected with you again - Heidi -
    Wanted to touch base regarding the Sweet Goodness Swap!


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