Bird feeder~

Here is the base to the bird feeder that I just finished placing the glass blobs onto. It had black chippy paint peeling off of it. I had to paint the whole thing white before attaching the glass blobs because the black shone through and made each colored piece of glass appear dark and all the same color. Here it is sitting on top a furniture "lazy susan"--on top of a play table in the play room. It has just been to hot to do anything outdoors lately~ And yes, thats a scrabble game board under the bird feeder. I like to use them as "paper" under projects...what else do you use them for? lolI rescued this cement bird bath (stand only) from a curbside trash pickup :-) It weighs a ton. To hold the bird seed I bought a large wooden bowl which I drilled a hole in the bottom of and then screwed it to a long piece of wood which will help it stay atop the cement stand. There are some pretty chubby birds that come to eat at my house :-P I had originally had a clay plant saucer to hold the birdseed, but my cat knocked it off and broke it going after a bird. (darn cat)
Here is the bird feeder all finished. Not to shabby. I think I would like to make another one using actual tile. The hardest part on this stand was filling in the spaces where there was no glass-- instead of rubbing the grout away with a sponge, I had to dab those areas so as not to take away the grout. I've got to add a lot more bird seed.... the birds around here won't even fly down unless the bowlie is filled to the brim!


  1. That stand looks really good. How did you attach the glass blobs? You talked about not rubbing away grout, did you use grout to attach them, or some other kind of adhesive? At any rate, ya done good, gal!
    O, and I have been celebrating my b-day every day so far. Hooray! :)

  2. Great idea... sooo inspiring!
    I have a cement birdbath that I want to mosaic.
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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