Waverly chair~

Well, I finally finished reupholstering the little chair for my grandson. This is how it looked when I picked it up for $3 bucks.... the structure is solid, so I figured it would stand up to just about anything a 15 month old could do to it. *Before photo*Here it is after I reupholstered it~ I used Waverly fabric that matches my house & my daughters smart thinking huh. It could be deemed a bit "girlie" for a little boy, but it is going to be sitting in a "girlie" house so there you go! Makes total sense now doesn't it~ *after photo*


  1. Great job on the chair, and who cares if it looks "girlie"? He lives with a "girl" (his mom)and some day he'll grow up and marry a "girl" who will probably having him living in a "girlie" house! Boys need to grow up appreciating "girlie" things so they don't have to be "retrained" by their wives. lol
    O, and in your last post, what is that standing metal thingy? It's really cute, but what is it?
    Hope your weather has cooled down a bit. It's supposed to be cooling off here in the OC in the next day or so. Hooray!
    Okay, hope your week is going well. :)

  2. This is a really great job! Much better than I could ever do! It looks so custom. It's like a brand new chair!


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