Work In Progress

Here is a snapshot of the blanket I'm making to enter into the local fair this upcoming October. I love the look-- but I don't ever think I'm going to be making this one aGaIn! To much starting & stopping and "hiding tails" for me~ I probably would have had this completed by now if not for all that! I better at least get a third place ribbon on this one or I'm going to come unglued lolThese glass "blobs" I recently purchased (from several different thrift stores this past Saturday) are going to be put to good use...soon... I have been wanting to do a mosaic bird feeder for my backyard. I was thinking I was going to use old rose patterened plates and do a loosy-goosy random pattern-- but who am I kidding.... I prefer things to have symmetry so I am hopeful this will do the trick so I won't get bored and not finish it lol

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