Bananna muffins~

I've been busy cleaning out my studio-- seems thats all I ever do lol... I just can't get into doing anything "artsy" lately. I'm more "fartsy" than anything else (not literally) I am wanting to make some fabric grocery shopping bags-- like the plastic ones you get at the market-- but made out of fabric. I think they would be so darn cute and sooooooo environmentally friendly. I have to do my part to make up for all the spray painting I do lol. Although...I do "need" plastic bags to hold the cat litter that I scoop out of the cat box :-P (3 indoor cats, says it all doesn't it?)Soooooo today I made bananna muffins. Yep, I HAD to do something creative-- so I made muffins :-P I can never get the right amount into those little muffin papers you would think 1/3 full would be perfect..nope...The tops should have a brown-sugary-flakey topping...but it melts onto the cookie sheet because it rises so much. lol....... extremely tasty muffins even though they don't look "pretty"

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