Altered tins~

I've started working on my altered tin for the "Altered tin Swap" I joined. I have no idea when I've to mail it out. The devil is in the details right? Well.... lets just say, I don't believe in the devil lol
Here are my two tins I've been working on:
I've never made an altered tin.... so my partner is in for it lol. I've made two, one was to practice on. However-- I worked on them both at the same time, and I could never remember which one was the "practice one" I think they both are turning out kinda cute if I do say so myself. All of the altered tins I've seen are rectangle.... so of course I had to do a round one.

One tin has a woven nest with eggs.... I think this one I'll mail to my partner. The papers...not that you can see them are from an old school text book from 1818.
The other tin is smaller...

Being that I firmly believe in "more is better"... I am about half way finished with these.

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