I always buy super things when I go to the boutiques (thrift stores) most of the time I rush to put things away-- not today! Alright, I put away about half of it.... lol
Here are some photos of the things I got today~
8 yards of pink chenille fabric -12 bucks
an old pillow doll wearing a red velvet outfit -1 buck
Vintage lighted/musical church -6 bucks
3 brass horns -3bucks
huge bag of Christmas ornaments -4 bucks
2 angels with pink flocked capes -50cents
a small Christmas tree in a black pot -4 bucks
and finally the "best buy" of the day taaaaaaaaaadaaaaaaaaaaa an ostrich egg nativity/musical thingy-ma-jigger!!
Here is the egg with the doors open showing the nativity. The music box is inside the bottom of the egg...pretty cool. It cost 8 bucks~
(Several photos above is a photo of the back of it...)


Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

I always love to see what you get at the Thrift...saves me a trip. (LOL, just kidding...I was at them last night...) Fun things!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for the tips on painting/stripping furniture! Sounds like you have done it several times. Looking forward to trying my hand at it.

Great thrift store finds and I love your altered tins!

Have a great evening!