Busy sewing away~

I've moved my sewing machine to the kitchen table to use because it has a bigger work surface... My cat Mocha picked this spot-- in an empty plastic bag of all places to lay... the nutter~
I've finished up my grandson's toddler bedding..... now I'm going to make a new insert for my "granny shopping cart" I am wanting a more "shabby chic" look for it. I hope it turns out cauute! Stay tuned~


  1. I Love your cat pictures! My calico does the same thing. So cute.

  2. Cats just so cannot stand being left out or know just how to get in the middle of something!

  3. My cats always pick the strangest places to lay and the strangest positions to get their fat little bodies in. (Ooops, did I end my sentence with a preposition? O well, bad grammer on my part :-)
    Gotta love 'em, 'cuase they just do what they want, and they really don't care if their humans like it or not! lol
    Have a great weekend.

  4. When did the start selling cats at Target? Too cute!

  5. My cat loves plastic bags too-and being wherever I am working!
    Such a sweet picture!

  6. haha!!
    My cat likes to sleep under my mum's sewing chair (maybe cats have a thing for sewing!! LOL) But my cat dislikes plastic bags! She can't stand the noise they make, and runs away if she hears one, even if it's on the other side of the house! :)


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