Toddler Bed~

I puchased this vintage toddler bed off of craigslist for $40.00-- (this is the actual photo of the item I saw)I liked the lines of it and thought it would work perfectly for a toddler bed for my grandson. So, I got to work fixing it up to better suit his tastes. Cars baby-- its all about cars! Sooooooo, I sanded & painted it black and added some vinyl diamond plate wallpaper to the headboard and footboard. It is super shiny very thick and sticky backed like contact paper. It only came in a 5' I had to be very careful not to mess it up. I prayed not to mess it up-- it worked :-)
I puchased the wallpaper off of the internet from a very nice man named Charles who owns "The Wallpaper Company" Send him an email to tell him what your looking for-- he is very reasonable and super nice :-) Anywho...with the bed itself completed, I then made a bedskirt using black and white check fabric which I secured to the underside of the toddler bed by stitching loops in the ends of the elastic then just hooked onto small cup hooks for easy removal for washing.Here it is all finished and in his room. It looks like I need to smooth out an air bubble in the diamond plate headboard-- easy fix, I'll just rub it and it will come out :-) For some reason the foot board photographed dark, but it is that shiny diamond plate as well. In person it looks like its real metal, its cool! :-) I made a comforter using Disney Pixar Car fabric which I got at Walmart for only $4.44 a yard. I used a black fleece throw blanket for the backside of the comforter. The fleece throw was only $3.97 (at Walmart) you cannot even buy a yard of fleece that cheaply-- so really thats the way to go!! I made a matching pillowcase as well. (he doesn't sleep with a pillow yet) Here is a photo of my grandson driving one of his cars on his new bed...he is so funny~ I think it turned out really cute!


  1. That is fabulous!!! You need that roadway nightstand now! :)

  2. great job Cheryl! your are so resourceful. It really turned out well!
    have a sweet week!

  3. This came out great, and what a deal on the bed!


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