Granny cart~

I finally finished the fabric insert for my "granny cart" I like to use this when I go to some of the mile long yard sales we have here in town. Some months it is every weekend that they are held :-) I used an old worn quilt instead of new fabric... the backside of the quilt (which is now the inside lining of my cart) is a lovely rose print. I love the old look of this quilt. It was a very worn-old quilt, but I don't think it was an "antique" I picked it up from one of my local haunts for 5 bucks. I had previously taken the back fabric off of this quilt, which worked out well since the two pieces now have hidden seams. It has a very "shabby" look to it, which I adore!I also covered two bungee cords to match~ I would like to make a cover of some kind as I notice people like to peer inside my cart when its full of treasures lol-- which keeps me from delving deep into unopened boxes of treasures that have things for sale because I'm trying to keep an eye out for looters lolI often buy loads of magazines while hitting yard sales...but, what the heck do you do with them all? They start breeding when your not looking and before you know it, they are everywhere!

Over the years I've come to realize that most magazines only have a few things that I'm interested in ever seeing/reading/or trying (recipe wise) so, I've come up with a solution that works well for me. I rip out pages of things I want to view again-- and place all pretaining pages together into a single plastic binder page. Then I place all like things together in different binders. I have one solely for recipes, crochet patterns, art ideas etc. The remainder of the magazine I either pass on to friends or I donate to a thrift store-- I always mark the corners with a slash mark so I don't rebuy magazines lol

I'll post this recipe for snowball cupcakes when I make them, don't they look delicious?


B said...

I never can make up my mind which pages to keep out of magazine, so I just keep collecting and collecting until the build-up of magazines is such that I have no room for them. Then I end up throwing them all out. I always think to myself, I'm going to go thru these and cut out just the pages I want to keep, but, alas, I'm a die-hard packrat. What can I say. Hope your week is going well. O, and I love the matching bungee cords for the granny cart. Have a good one. Brenda :)

Melinda Cornish said...

I love your cart......I love yard sales too! Melinda

stevendeah said...

I want to come to your yard sales with my own granny cart...'round here, yardsales are too few and too far between!
But I'll settle for watching you collect the fun stuff...at least I won't have more stuff to find a place for...haha! I'm still in the kid/toy stage.
Speaking of which, that toddler bed you fixed up for your grand is adorable from top to bottom....looks like you worked on that for a whole month!
D =)

vivian said...

ok.. once again im totally impressed! I LOVE your cart! ITs perfect for flea markets and yard sales... or trips to the zoo.. or what ever! now I want one! I always am wanting something after I've been blog hopping!
have a sweet weekend!