Valentine swap~

Here are two things I've made for the Valentine swap I joined. My partner and I have extended our mail out date for this upcoming Wednesday :-)
Here is a two sided swag. One side says "I love you"and the other side has the last name of my swapping partner "Roberts"I used the Martha Stewart antique silver glitter. The glitter is super fine like powder-- I'm not so sure I like it. The upside, the glitter doesn't stick to your skin. The downside... it floats around and covers everything! I will probably add more to this swag tomorrow as it looks like it could use some more doo-dads :-)
I am also sending along a captured cupid in a jar. This is my last cupid, I've got to make more!I've got bunches of other things as well to work on and box up, but this is just what I've completed this evening :-)


~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

I love your swags! Did you really cover those letters in glitter? Must have taken days. I love the music background.
Stop by for a visit and see how I've been using my old musical pages.

purplepaint said...

Oh I love your cupid in a jar! How sweet! Marva