Hall tree~

This hall tree I have had for about 5 years. It was originally a dark-dark wood which I painted white. I closed in the bottom part and made it into a cat bed :-) It has been like this for a looooooooong time. Never quite finished.... I've dragged it out to sell at yard sales...I guess $30 bucks was to much to ask for it...cause I always had to drag it back in. Now that I've added some brown paint to it making it look a little more "shabby" and of course covering the cushion for the cat bed (not that they have EVER slept in there) I'm liking it! and its no longer for sale lol

Here is a close up of the cat bed.... it doesn't look so "obviously" distressed with paint in person!


  1. What a clever idea for a cat or dog bed. Looks so pretty

  2. I love that bed. I remember when you posted pics of it originally. Thought it looked great then, but I like it even more with the distressed look added.
    I think my cats would probably sleep in that bed, as they seem to like all but one of the beds I got for them. 4 cats = 4 beds, but they will only use 3 of them. Go figure! :=)

  3. sweet! great job. you have some of the best ideas Cheryl. it turned out great!

  4. The next time you get in the mood to sell this,please-------call me.And I don't even have a cat.ha.I just love this.....Ann


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