Trash to Treasure party~

Jen over at Sanctuary Arts at Home is hosting a "Trash to Treasure make over party"..... I am contributing my $1 dollar dresser that I recently made over. Here is the before....and here is the after.Here is the original post of the transformation with a tutorial on how I did it. The appliques were made using joint compound.... peeked your interest?...come for a lookie-lou!


  1. I went and checked out the tutorial and was shocked when I realized you made the appliques yourself! Amazing!! The chest turned out really cute :)


  2. I love your dresser, and the appliques are amazing, great job with the joint compound.

  3. Again, I love this project Cheryl! And I LOVE that you made the appliques you clever girl! Thank you so much for joining in on the party!

  4. I need a dresser just like that to put on my little one's bedroom. Looking wonderful! :) Vanessa

  5. The dresser turned out fantastic!!!
    How awesome you made the appliques yourself. Very Creative:)
    Hmm I really need to go thrifting!

  6. Amazing, just amazing. I love seeing those old unloved bits of furniture just come to life!

  7. I went to your tutorial and was very impressed. I WILL be doing this in the near future. Rubbing that stamp pad on it was pure genius!

    The Texas Woman


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