Baby bird~

The mourning dove's that have a nest in a wreath on my front yard gazebo are proud new parents of a seemingly healthy baby. I have been looking at the nesting dove every day...and recently the dove has looked kinda uncomfortable sitting all kinda lumpy.... well the "lump" was the baby bird! Boy, they grow up fast don't they?Here is the wreath with the nest in it. I previously blogged about it here.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love that...just so sweet.

Nancy said...

We had a nest on our air conditioner...not so pretty a spot as your wreath!!! We could hear the coo-ing through it! verry mournful! Thanks for your blog help...I am still working on it...can't figure out the banner!

Janelle said...

We've had mourning doves come to the hanging pots on our porch every year for four years--but this year they built the nest, laid two eggs, and never came back. It made me sad...last year, I got to see the babies fly out of the nest.

I remember how you helped them build a better nest--it's so funny how they seem to pick the most precarious places and then build these wispy little nests, isn't it?

Laurie said...

Oh, I'm so happy the eggs hatched!