Tuesday Treasures~

I went to an estate sale recently and I picked up this huge box of (used) greeting cards for $3. I know crazy huh? Those are all cards baby, no envelopes! I also got some old, fabulous upholstery fabric and all this old seam binding ribbon for a total of $2. I was giddy I tell ya~ I have never gotten seam binding on a roll before.
I also got this dress form. I pulled up to a block sale at 6:30ish in the a.m. and I got soooooooooo excited to see this as I pulled up. The price tag? $30 bucks gawds...... to pricey for me... so I razzle dazzled him and got it for $20. Who lowers the price on things for the first customer? crazy-crazy-crazy.... I am needing to cover her with something a little more "shabby chic" rather than just shabby!
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  1. I LOVE the dress form! Great find!

  2. The dress form is wonderful! Warm wishes, Esther

  3. Love the New Girl...can't wait to see her in her new garb!!! xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. Can't wait to see how you cover her!

  5. Love Love Love the cards, i am wicked weak when it comes to old greeting cards. I have a big pile of them too. What will you do with yours? I have a dress form as well, i bought mine at goodies when it was going out of business. no stand with it though. I love how you covered yours.. I will have to try that..

  6. Amazing score on the dress form! I've looked at these for no less than $100! Way to go!


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