Halloween spell books~

I've made some halloween spell books...I think they turned out super caute! Here is how I made them it if anyone is interested:
Rip/tear off covers from old books that you think are kinda spooky looking. The ones I've chosen are slightly embossed. You'll be using these as the covers to your book of spells.I found an old recipe book with old, yellowed torn pages for the innards of my spell books for the huge sum of .10cents. I could have used the original book pages, but I wanted an old, well used look to my little spell books. I used a grommet punch and made some holes in the books covers. If you squeeze and wiggle the punch at the same time it will eventually poke through the covers. (you can also drill through them) I placed the newly torn off covers on top of the pages of the old recipe book to get an idea of how much to cut off of the pages. I cut the pages larger than I needed so that the worn edges of the pages could be seen easily. After cutting a stack of pages, I stapled them together and glued them into the covers of the new book. Then I laced up the sides of the book. Once the book was put back together... I needed to put the new title of the books on the covers. I printed out the words "Spells" and "Love" onto cardstock. I covered the printed words with some packing tape and used a blade to cut out the letters. With the stencils made I simply put my finger into the embossing ink and smeared it into the stencil opening, then I just applied embossing powder and heated it up and.... taaaaaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaa! A silver embossed title on the book of spells~ easy-peasy!Here are the two books again...I lurve them, cute & spooky!big hugs,


  1. Such a CUTE idea! These look awesome, spooky but still vintagey chic. Great idea!


    PS I love your blog name, and I may tell you that everytime I come back here :)

  2. Oh my gosh, this is the best Halloween decoration I've seen in a long time! I absolutely love them, and I want to try making some. Hopefully I can get over my aversion to ripping apart books!

  3. Great tutorial. I love your halloween books. Your directions are so clear and easy to follow. I am going to make one. Thanks

  4. too cute!!
    Love it hun!!
    Annie x

  5. how cool is this!!! I am in love with this idea!!!!! I hope you don't' mind if I try some myself!

  6. These are great!!
    thanks for sharing how you did it.

    barbara jean

  7. How cute and neat. Looks spooky.

  8. These are so freakin adorable, yet spooky at the same time!!
    Thanks for the tutorial!!
    Enjoy the rest of your day!! xOxO

  9. ~Very Cool~at first~ I thought you had found them somewhere~real spell books~
    Thanks for dropping by my bloggy~
    I have away from "blogworld"~a wee break~
    but, I am back~YEAH!~

  10. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I have just added you to my list...I love your blog so much! I love the Halloween books & all of your creations!

  11. very cute and cool, just like your blog. glad you found me so that i could find you!

    happy fall

  12. Awesome! I love your idea! They turned out so cute!

    Thanks for sharing!


  13. simply fabulous...i love, love, love these! love your blog, cheryl:)


  14. Lovely! What a fun idea. I love all this Halloween stuff!


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