Tuesday Treasures~

I had a wonderful time hitting yard sales this past weekend, it seems like there was treasures to be had everywhere. Here is some of my new loot~ A bunch of buttons, all this for $5.Two little peat pot baskets .25cents each.Three gold-toned bathroom thingies. The two tissue holders were .50cents each bought from the same yard sale. The little jewelry box was .50cents found later the same day clear across town.A stack of cooking books for .50cents each. (under the bowlie of buttons)Three seashells-- .50cents, 4 hankies for .25cents each and an old metal tin for .50cents. Two pinkeeps for .50cents.This rectangle glass and metal pedestal thingie was $3. It is a curious piece isn't it?And finally.... this fabulous vintage bird cage for the mere sum of $15 buckeroos~ She had originally said $25 bucks... and I went and sulked while looking through her boxes of books... I overheard her tell one of her family members "Oh, I'll just sell if for $15, just to get rid of it"...gasp.... I yelled from across the yard, "I'll take it for $15" and now its mine, all mine!Here is a photo of the base...caute!Head on over to Diane's blog to see more Tuesday Treasures on her linky for "2nd Time Around Tuesday" If you have linked to my blog and wish to view more.... you can click here. I've been busy making Halloween decorations for my home...fun stuff!~


Pam said...

Great buys. Love the bird cage...so what will you put in there?

Jenn Klee said...

That bird cage is just adorable, cannot wait to see what you'll do with it ;)

Laurie said...

Those are beautiful!

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Barb said...

Well you sure hit the jackpot!!

Love the bird cage!!
What a great find for $15.00

OK. The gold Kleenex holders. WHAT are your plans for them?
I have some, and cannot figure out what to do with them.


barbara jean

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Neat finds...lovin that birdcage!!!

Dogwood said...

Wish I would have been with you hitting those yard sales. You sure picked-up some great, fabulous stuff! The prices...ohmygosh.

RobinfromCA said...

Great finds! Love the bird cage and I can't believe you got all those buttons for just $5! The yard sales in our neighborhood are mostly old clothes and baby toys (which I don't need anymore) - never anything fun! I need to travel your area!

Wendy said...

I passed up that same tissue box holder last week! I ALMOST got it.

That birdcage is great!

The Green Pea said...

Hi there, did you get the cage stand too for $15.00? I love bird cages and collect them and the stands also. sandi