Look at all these boxes of fa-reeeeee stuff I got today. Box upon box of neat craft stuff that I'm needing to sort through.....I went to a yard sale that had just wrapped up and the gal said, "Take what you want, its freeeeeeee" -- so, of course I did! Just take a peek inside some of these boxes... holy-moly! I didn't dig deep into each box, I just peeked and placed them in my truck! Whatever I don't want I'm going to donate to one of our local thrift stores :-)I'm never going to get my Christmas stockings finished as I've got all of this fun stuff to sort through!Unused patterns, paint, flowers, straw hats, bells, new stuffed animals, crocheted trim, ribbons, fabric, velvet, wooden things, floss, glue sticks, stickers, markers, transfers thats just what I've come across so far! Free, freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, faaaaaaaa-reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~


  1. I think you hit the mother lode there..that happened to me once..there was an estate sale, the son was selling his mom's things and she was a crafter...I got two huge boxes for only $2.00 as the sale was winding down and he wanted to get rid of everything...

  2. Whoohoo....Major SCORE!! You really are one lucky lady!! Have fun peeking through all of your new treasures!! xOxO

  3. Woweee what a lucky girl you are! Have fun looking through all those boxes of craft treasure.

    Carol Ann xx

  4. You always seem to find the best deals! free is certainly a good deal! have fun sorting!
    and have a great sunday!


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