Gooooooooooooodness....November already??? But-but-I'm not ready for it to be NOVEMBER! I've got a zillion things in various stages of compleation~ oh who am I kidding, I keep starting things and stopping them the very same day! Personally I think it is low blood sugar as I'm trying to watch my calorie/fat/lard intake so I can really load up at Thanksgiving. Don't even think there is going to be anything green or healthy on my plate that day. Anywho, I started making new Christmas stockings, (I do this every year) I only need 6 and I'm making 8-- thats just how I roll. I'm using a white embossed coverlet that I picked up for $2 at a yard sale. It smells like bleach, one of my favorite fragrances. I do tend to work best under pressure, but I'm trying to ween myself from that wild lifestyle. I mustGet things done.... but for now-- I'm going to bed~


  1. It must be something in the air. I'm having trouble beginning projects. I have a wonderful bookcase in the shed waiting to be shabby chic'd but it's soooooo cold down there, and rooms that need decorating. I'm waiting for the decorating fairies to visit during the night. xx

  2. I know, I think it's like 50 days till Christmas (my countdown ticker bit the dust) Love your "Focus" Photo, Can I Steal It?????
    What is with working better under pressure? I feel the same way....
    Anyway, have fun Creating the new stockings, can't wait to see Photos~


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