Beautiful day for sale-ing~

Well, I managed to go to two block sales today. This is the start of the sale-ing season for me. Ahhhhhhhh to be looking for treasures... arrgh! Here is my bounty!
I got this antique picture frame with the hand painted photo of a baby in it for... hold onto your hats.... .50cents! What??? I had asked the gal, "How much for the baby picture?" You know, playing it all cool~ She replied, "Fifty cents".... I said, "For that" as I pointed to it. She said yes-- you could sense that she was waiting for me to say a quarter lol... I stuck it into my handy-dandy shopping cart and forked over .50cents! Wow!The wire leaf metal basket was $3. It is super lovely, I got compliments on it while holding it-- thats always a good sign its a good buy! The oblong dish, which is actually a beautiful creamy pink was $4. The elderly lady said she had purchased it in 1952 and had it all these years. The white dish with the roses on it was $1. The gal I bought this from said she bought that in England on a trip for a lot of money. I told her, "Why? you could have picked it up at a yard sale much cheaper. lol I also got a Shabby Chic duvet cover with the matching pillow sham for $10, that is the pink floral fabric under all this stuff~The jewelry that is in the dish was .25cents each! The Disney pins were .50cents each. Those run from $5-$10 at Disneyland, I know because I was looking at some just recently at Disneyland. Ohhhhhhhhhh and the gold filigree oval container was .50cents. Fun, fun day of sale-ing!


  1. Lovely great finds- just love the baby photo!

  2. Wow, that is so unreal! Excellent bargins, Kinda makes me wonder about some peoples mental status when they let some thing's go for so cheap. Just sayin! Rhonda

  3. Great finds...especially that wonderful framed photo!

  4. WOW!!! So many beautiful goodies, looks like it was a great day.

  5. great finds Cheryl! Happy Easter!

  6. It's thrilling when you find something like the baby picture and so very cheap!! love all the finds...I can't wait for garage sales to start around here. I went to one the other day, but her stuff cost too much :( Take care, Chris

  7. Cheryl, I love the containers especially but that baby picture takes the cake! So much fun!

  8. Wow! You found the right sales! I am waiting for the Harvard block sale. That's my favorite.

  9. Don't you just love a great deal??? Beautiful finds.

  10. Wow! Looks like you're having a wonderful time on your weekend-shopping-excursions, already. =)
    You have to know that $1 for that roses plate is a huge steal. =) It's one of the most popular (and my absolute fav) china patterns ever made...particularly sought after if stamped "Made in England" on the bottom. It's called "Old Country Roses" by Royal Doulton/Royal Albert...and if you look closely at decorating magazines, movies, and even a lot of art these days, you'll see their plates and saucers...but especially their teacups and teapots...featured. =) Two movies off the top of my head: Anne of Green Gables and Man from Snowy River.
    Great deals on everything, though...congratulations! =) I do love that sweet baby frame especially!
    D =)


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