Somday Crafts is having a nest party. Here are some nests I've recently made. This large birds nest I made yesterday. I shared how I made it on the previous post. I've started making some wire nest pendants. Oh-my how addictive these are to make! I've used a beautiful pink pearl on these ones~I have a lot of real nests in my home. Last summer I bought 16 real birds nests for $8 off of someone on craigslist, blogged about here. Lucky me huh? Here is a photo of some of them~
I've even helped a young dove couple build a nest in my yard which resulted in several babies being hatched over a few months time.I am always drawn to nests as is everyone else! If you type in the word "nests" in the Google search bar on the upper right corner of my blog it will take you to some more posts about nests that I've blogged about.


  1. WOW! Thanks for sharing how you made this beautiful nest! I will be hunting for wreaths now! And I'm definitely going to try my hand at the wire nest pendants ~ thanks for the links!

    Happy Easter!

  2. Very nice pendants!! You are the talented one!
    Happy Easter.
    Deb :)

  3. I just love nests, too- yours are wonderful!

  4. Oh these are fabulous!!! I have a small humingbirds nest that I need to add some eggs to etc.

  5. I love your bird nests... can I ride on your shoulder or peak along next time you go to a garage sale.. I think I need lessons...Really are beautiful!

  6. Love you pics of those great nests..One year when we cut our christmas tree down and got it home and up I found a birds nest in the interior branches..I left it where it was..suppose to bring good luck to the house...

  7. I love nests, too. Yours are gorgeous, and I love those pendants you're making!


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