Pirate noise makers~

Its pirate season for me... I've finally set a date for this years yearly pirate party that we host... the last weekend in June. *gasp, thats right around the corner!* I better get crackin'!
I picked up this huge lot of noise makers last summer at a yard sale, I think I paid a dollar for the lot. I had visions of making them into something a little more "piratey".... Sooooooooooo... I bought a book of maps for .50cents and glued-cut-shaped-glued some more until each one was covered. Then I distressed the edges and added some pirate stickers... Taaaaaa daaaaaaa pirate noise makers!I also made-over this ring toss game, it was originally painted in bright colors. I used sisal rope and some Jute.
Now, I've just got to stash these in with the other pirate stuff and get busy working on some more things~


  1. What cute ideas- never thought of altering noisemakers! Inspires ideas!

  2. there you go again! great ideas! have a great weekend!


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