Resin Charms~

Well...I've been fooling around with my resin again. I had bought a silver bracelet for .25cents at a yard sale that had a seashell in each bezel. I pried each shell out of each bezel so I could use it to hold resin. If you've priced bezels... you'd know what a bright-bright girlie I am. *lol* The first layer I added some aged paper to the back and sides... then I added some teeny-tiny berries, added some resin and let that set up overnight. The next day, I added a teeny-tiny fairy and some moss to each one to create a fairy sitting in a nest then another coat of resin. I think they turned out pretty cute.The little one on the right is my favorite~ When you view these in person they are very clear, I don't know why they photographed all funky like they did.These little charms were made using some bezels from a .50cent watch I got at another yard sale. I pried the faux stones out of each bezel... added some vintage German text as the base... added a fairy and the resin and taaaaaa daaaaaaaaa more fairy charms.
These two are my favorites~These silver pieces I picked up at a local bead store. The large was $1.49 the small was .89cents. They are really shallow.... but I thought I would give them a try. I dunno.... I'm not to thrilled with them. I think I'll still play around with these two. Maybe I'll add some glitter and try to add some more resin. Finally, I tried my hand at putting resin in a frame instead of a bezel that has a back on it. I used packing tape to keep the resin from seeping out from the frame. I don't know if the tape will come off-- but I'm thinking it will. *fingers crossed* The silver frame I tried to place a thin-thin coat of resin on it so I could put layers on it--- its still a work in progress. The paper is discolored because the glue I used to seal the paper wasn't completely dry~ Well, I'm off to go work out in the yard-- I'm taking full advantage of this beautiful day and I hope your day is beautiful as well!


  1. Those are so cute, you did a really nice job with them.

    God Bless

  2. What an awesome idea! You really did a fantastic job!!!!

  3. These are beautiful! Love your teeny faeries!

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  5. These are all seriously fabulous!!! I love them!

  6. These came out so pretty and your design combos are great! Love how you re purposed watches and pendants. You are a very creative person.

  7. wonderful blog. I am doing a post on chicken wire and am using one of your crown pictures, and linking back to you. Please let me know if you approve. Thanks. Ele


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