Ahhhhhh the winds are blowing wonderful yard sales all over town..... Look at the fun treasures I recently came across. The stack of music books and vintage recipe booklets were fa-reeee. I got the glass shadow box and the glass domed cheese trivet both for a dollar. The Russian stacking dolls were .25cents, the silver frame .50cents.Look at these vintage linens.... dreamy huh? The tablecloth and the 12 matching napkins for only $3. The green flower pot was $1.I also picked up this fabulous glass jar with the lid for $1... the beautiful dusty vintage wicker tray was also $1. The two books from the 1900's were .25cents each, and the silver candlestick was .50cents.I also got some pirate things.... the two matching candlesticks and the candelabra were .25cents each. The huge beautiful tin was only $1.Lastly, my two little fellas that I picked up for .25cents each. I just love the angry face on the gold one.... he is looking at the other guy saying, "Stupid, stop trying to do jazz hands-- you don't have any arms!" lol....


  1. Just plain jealous is what I am. But our garage sale season is just barely starting so I'll catch up soon!

  2. Great stuff! Your caption on the jazz hands one cracked me up!

  3. Lots of fun finds! I'm so happy garage sale season is back!

  4. Oh, wow! You found some wonderful treasures!

  5. LOL! that is a crack up! Reminds me of the statues in the Haunted House ride at Disneyland.
    Love all your finds!

  6. LOVE the green planter...great finds at great prices. I hope to go to a few garage sales tomorrow!
    Deb :)

  7. Hi Cheryl

    What great finds. I'm headed to my Thrift store this afternoon to see this weeks treasures.



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