Pirate Pennants

I'm still working feverishly on pirate stuff... I just whipped up these pirate pennants today. I have gazillions already, but these are new and improved, they are not the normal pennant shape but long rectangles with burlap hanging out the opening at the top. I'll string them along some rope closer to party time~
I made a stencil using cardstock that I covered with some clear plastic contact paper. I drew a skull and crossbone shape onto the paper and cut it out with a blade. Then I stenciled it onto the fabric using a foam brush. I then cut out the face details and stenciled that on once the white paint had time to dry. Easy-peasy~Along with making these... I've sewn 4 tablecloths and 2 pirate-ship sails, built a mortar and wood fence & gate (plus stained all of that) built two wooden decks, laid a couple hundred brick... made two new "roofs" for two matching gazebo's, weeded-put down a drip system-laid down some weed barrier-poured bag after bag of bark over all of that... and I've still got a lot more to do!


Jingle said...

These are super fun!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Cheryl! Welcome to the guest list for the 2010 Where Bloggers Create party!
I think we are going to have such a wonderful time soaking up all the inspiration! Take care, and I’ll be in touch!

Karen My Desert Cottage
Valentine Design

Nishant said...

I love your blog.
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