Mad Hatter's watch~

With the Mad hatters tea party right around the corner and me stuck in pirate mode.... I was needing to do something for the upcoming party. Hmmm a pirate mad hatter party?... nah~ Anywho, I have had this outdoor two sided clock and temperatue gauge hanging in my backyard for about 5 years now... until it finally decided to stop working this past winter. Bummer. When I took it down to replace it with another clock ---I thought it looked like a huge pocket watch.... DUH! Soooooooooo I spray painted the casing gold and added a chunky gold chain that I picked up at a yard sale recently and taaaaaaaaaa-daaaaaaaaaa! The Mad Hatter's watch! On the flip side of the pocket watch, (the temperature gauge side) I'm going to do something extra special-- if time premits! I am needing an "Alice in Wonderland" dress for my grandaughter to wear to the party. Luckily, I happened upon two things that will hopefully come together for a dress for her. I picked up this little white lacey dress and a pair of blue silk pants from a thrift store for a total cost of $2.50 cents . I didn't want to spend a lot for this as its only going to be used once. The silk pants said to hand wash them, but they came out perfectly from the washer & dryer :-)Being the overly crazy person that I am... I also signed up for a "Show us your craft/art/studio space. Who needs sleep right? My studio isn't exactly ready for a big reveal, but at least this will get me to clean it up-- so its all good!

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Laurie said...

Cheryl, I could have written that last paragraph, word for word!

Your clock is just lovely!