Playing house~

While busting my hinny in my backyard recently I had to take some time to spruce up my g-kids playhouse. The first thing needing my attention was the unsightly sink/stove, cabinet area. Yuck.I bought the Krylon brand spray paint that paints on plastic... It took about 3 coats to get it to cover the green, but I think it turned out very nice. I don't know how it will hold up to kids banging on it with toys... but in the mean time, its lovely.
I also added carpet... I know right? I had told my 3 year old grandson I had cleaned up the playhouse and that he and his sister could now play in it... he asked me, "You put carpet in it Nana?"... and of course I replied... "Not yet" So, now it has wall to wall beige carpet, the color of dirt. *wink* Here is a cherry tomatoe plant next to the front door of the playhouse. (there are actually 3 tomatoe plants all tied together growing as one)I've got it staked to a copper pipe with a cute white cage around it, that sucker is going to be kept teathered to the pole so its neat and orderly! Here is a photo of the other side of the walkway to the playhouse...
Everything is growing nicely, including the lawn I planted from seed. Lastly, a photo of my polka-dot dog... Buddy. Guess I had better get in some time behind the ol' sewing machine...... I'm making curtains for the playhouse!


Jennifer Rizzo said...

What a difference! What a cool Nana you are! :)

vivian said...

Youre such a good grandmother Cheryl. I was gonna say youre such a great grandmother..but that might make you sound old! so, whose gonna vacuum that carpet? lol!
I'm just thinking about all the things I'll be doing for my new grandbaby starting this dec!
i do hope I get a girl! though boys are pretty darn sweet too.
happy memorial day!

Ashlee said...

thanks for visiting our booth!
you caught us when we were unpacking and all frazzled.
totally forgot the discount! ;)

Nishant said...

I get a girl! though boys are pretty darn sweet too.
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