Tags & top hats~

I've made some more things to sell at this Saturdays crap craft boutique. I whipped up one tag... Liked it so much I made a bunch more. I made a top hat...Figured... why fire up the glue gun to make just one... so I made a total of five. I also added some fairies to some metal Christmas tree ornaments. Its been a very productive few days.... I don't know what the near future brings on me being as productive as I'd like. I've got an appointment with a specialist to see about my painful shoulder. Its either a torn rotator cuff or its pulled out of the socket. All I know is-- it hurts! You would be so surprised to know how much you use a certain part of your body when you can't fully use it or it hurts to use it.... *sigh* I need to go cut and glue something to make myself feel better~


  1. Love it! Such adorable tags and I LOVE those ornaments! Way to go - oh! and only 1 more follower for 400! HOW cool is that?! xo

  2. Oh, my GOODNESS!!! I am so in love with those hats and those ornaments are fantastic! I love it!!! I hope you do SO well!

  3. Great tags and hats and I hope you sell out!
    Deb :)

  4. I'll drop by on Saturday. Can't wait to see those cute tags in person

  5. really nice..wish I was closer so I could go to the sale...hope you feel better...if it was dislocated, you wouldn't be able to use it so its probably something else...hang in there and I'll be fun when you're hurting, huh?


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