Boxes are packed~

I got everything packed up for the craft boutique tomorrow. I ended up filling 8 boxes full of things to sell. I have an 8' x 8' area--- and all of this is going to take up that space and more I'm sure. My goal is to make the $25 dollars spent on the space--- which I am hoping I'll make back selling to the other ladies who are setting up their spaces before the door opens. Never miss an opportunity to get rid of junk... er... fabulous treasures!! Here is a funny photo of my grandaughter sporting the top hat I made for her for halloween. She really has a tough time smiling when its not I'm still laughing~


  1. I know you don't need luck, cause your creations are fabulous!!
    Break a leg out there and enjoy yourself!! Happy Saturday xOxO

  2. You'll do Great ~ can't wait to hear all about it.... Take Photos of Your Set up!!!!!

  3. Have a fantastic sale! Meet lots of nice people too!

  4. LOL! LOVE that picture! Mine does the same too - when I have pushed the picture taking too much, she gives me a strange Popye grin . . .
    Hope you have much success today at the event, xo

  5. i feel like i am reading my own posts!

    good luck. i'm sure you will make back your fee and then some. (my table fee is $30! and i keep saying, i hope i can make that back plus a hot dog at the bazaar - LOL).

    happy weekend ~ enjoy the extra hour!



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