When its over....

thats the time I fall in love again....... Soooooooo happy to have survived my very first craft boutique. A huge thank you to all of those who wished me well, I think it really helped!! I think it went rather well. I made over a hundred buckeroos in the 3 1/2 hours I was there.... along with the $25 I had to pay for my 8'x8' spot. I sold things rather cheaply, lets face it no one wants to pay big bucks for something/anything, me included! I'm only sharing one photo of my space cause lets face it, it was all crammed together with no order what-so-ever! I was told I was going to have a rectangle table-- so I had envisioned what I was going to do--- and there sat the biggest round table I have ever seen... in my spot... so that set the stage for disorder rather quickly!I enjoyed talking with the talented people who had a space next to mine. Very delightful people who had some amazing cards, candles and other neat things for sale that they had made. The gal on the other side of me was selling handmade fabric purses for $30 bucks each-- I overheard her say she sold nothing... *gasp* they were cute and well made... but you've got to price things cheap... thats my thinking away..... and I guess it worked cause I've got money to burn! *woot-woot* eh gawds, what am I going to do with all the leftovers?


  1. Congrats ~ that's wonderful.... Do you have an Etsy Shop, If Not, open one ~ I'm sure Your Adorable Creations would go Great for Christmas Decorating....

  2. Fantabulous!! I knew you would do could these shoppers resist your Artsy Fartsy creations!
    Now go to bed and deserve it!! xOxO

  3. That is wonderful news! and you are right..people are looking for bargains....

  4. That's GREAT! You sould sell the "leftovers" on your blog :)
    You do have great goodies!
    Cute photo of your Grand!
    deb :)

  5. I was so disappointed that I didn't get to make it out there. I couldn't believe it was closing so early! I'm glad you did well. You'll have to tell me when you do your "second" show. Have you looked into to the Wish House?

  6. Looks like some beautiful items! I wish I had been there to shop! Hugs! ♥


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