Santa baby....

I've been trying to use the last little bit of black ink that is left in my color copier before replacing it with another $60 dollar cartridge. eek. Anywho, I printed off some black & white vintage images of Santa off of the web and glued them to some chip board and then added some super fine red glitter to Santa's outfit in each picture. I spray painted some small cloths pins red-- and then put them back together and used them to clip the Santa pictures to some super fat white ric-rac with some baby ric rac running down the middle. I've got it stung up in my hallway~ Taaaaaaa daaaaaaaaa instant cuteness! Some of the images are of my two grandchildren when they were sitting with Santa--- my 18 month old grandaughter was the first to notice that by saying, "Thats brud-der."


  1. Oh, my goodness! What a fantastic idea! That looks amazing!

  2. I love the way the pictures turned out and the grand-babies are so cute!!


  3. Just lovely.

    I am here via Elizabeths blog and am interested in the details of your Valentine exchange.

    Be merry and bright!

  4. Love how those turned out.... Love your creative Flair!


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