Tiny Teddies Treehouse

I've been poking around online looking at some fabulous blogs/websites that showcase miniature houses that people have made. I am amazed at the talent that is out there in the mini world. I started to build my own little dollhouse from the ground up about 6 years ago. I only got so far with it when I got bored working on it and set it aside.... Its time to get going on it once again. Its not a traditional house by any means.... I made it to look like a tree stump. It is going to be the home of this little 4 inch teddy bear that I was given after my grandfather passed away when I was fifteen. Ok, I wasn't actually given this teddy bear... I got it because no one else wanted it... I have built two miniature doll houses in the past using boxed kits that had detailed instructions and materials included. This miniature tree house was built/created by me. The scale used in this house is one I like to call "cute scale." If I think its cute... its going to work. The frame used for this miniature tree house was a tall laundry hamper. You can see the actual laundry hamper in the process of being converted into a tree stump in the photo below. I turned the hamper upside down so that it looked like a tapered tree. (sorry about the quality of these photos)
I then drew two lines from the bottom to the top of the hamper so that there will be a large opening into the tree house. I kept the portion that was cut out, that will be reattached with hinges later. I then used the jigsaw to cut off the bottom (which is now the top) completely off. Once the basic shape of the tree was finished and the floors and window openings in place... I covered the entire laundry hamper with paper mache using newspaper. Once that layer was dried, I added another layer using brown paper bags giving it more support.
I created the curving staircases using illustration board. I'm thinking about swapping them out and just making ladders using sticks & twigs.... the stairs take up valuable furniture space!! With all the fantastic miniaturists out there to keep me inspired, who knows, I just might finish this! Its going to be a fun ongoing project for the upcoming year!


  1. Well Cheryl (my oldest sisters name)you are one creative lady. I love the little teddy on the chair sooo sweet. And the laudry hamper is so creative I would never have thought to do this? I can't wait to see it finished. Merry Christmas friend, Pearl

  2. Hi Cheryl!
    Wow, what a project! We saw the new "Gulliver's Travels" movie last night....this reminds me of all the building the "little people" did! Guess that'd be miniature people! Your tree stump home will be a perfect home for the sentimental teddy bear!
    Happy New Year! hugs, Heidi

  3. Your teddybears tree house is going to be amazing when its finished! Im looking forward to watching it all come together!
    I have a couple of miniaturest blogs listed on my side bar you should check them out.
    Happy New YEar!


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