Baby its cold outside...

Brrrrrrrr.... I whipped up some finger puppets for my grandson's preschool class. This month's puppet is a snowman. Here is my grandson holding the lollipop/puppet... look at that happy-cheesy smile... My daughter tells me he gets quite proud telling all the other 3 & 4 year olds that his "Nana made these." Ahhhhhhhhhh~ Here he is getting ready for bed... he wanted the lollipop, but his Momma said "No" so he got to take the snowman to bed to remind him that he could have the lollipop the next day...Probably for breakfast. Ah to be young~ Next months finger puppet is going to be a lady bug :-)

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They are very sweet and your Grand son's smile tells it all!
Did you go back and get more AWESOME goodies at that sale!!?
I'll be mailing my tag to you on Monday.