Yard Sailing~

It was another gloomy-foggy morning, even that couldn't keep me from yard sailing! I got a huge stack of doll & embroidery patterns. The large envelopes have never cut apart doll patterns-- along with the patterns for the clothing for each doll as well. The little booklet is a catalog which she purchased the dolls from.... she has little check marks next to the ones she purchased, so I'll have a good color photo of each doll along with each pattern. The embroidery iron transfers are all unused as well.I picked up these baby blue strands of beads for $1, the bag of jewelry was $2.....
Lets open up the bag shall we?..... I try to always pick up jewelry when I go to yard sales. I've got two little pirates (grandkids) that have several pirate chests in amongst their toys that they can pull out all of this shiny stuff and play with. I'll pull out anything that has a sharp pin back, or anything of value that I'd like to keep for myself. I'm a pirate as well!
Well, lookie here.... whats this? Gold? Silver?... yep, both. There is a gold ring with a pinkish stone and 3 tiny diamonds on each side of the stone. A 14k gold "I ♥ You Mom" charm. The gold ring with the blue sapphire stones & diamonds is gold plated. The silver ring with the amethyst stone along with the amethyst earrings are both sterling silver.... not to shabby. I'm going to give these to my daughter-- as her daughter was born in February and that is her birthstone.
Here is a close up of my newest favorite ring... I'm wearing it as I type~
It has an old look and feel to it, I really like it :-) The yard sale I went to last Sunday that I hit the mother load on hasn't reopened yet..... I drive by her house often. Her husband waved at me... how embarrassing! You can't be discreet when you drive a '66 Mustang. *sigh* There goes any hope of being a detective huh? I'm hoping next weekend she will have gone through some more of her mothers estate and pulls it out to sell it, cause I'm wanting to buy it!! *woot-woot*
I've been working on my tags for my tag for tag swap. I've got everything cut and ready for assembly..... I'm using an image of my husbands great-great-great grandfather when he was a baby, I'm making him into cupid. Finishing these up will have to wait as I'm going on a 3 day trip to Carson City & Reno. Of course I'll be hitting all the thrift stores while there. I'm pretty sure that is where I'll "hit it big" rather than at the slot machines! Wish me luck!


  1. Great finds Cheryl, Have fun on your next hunt, can't wait to see your estate finds/buys! Hugs Marilou

  2. hit the mother load and not at a high cost either. Great job on that find.

  3. You are way too lucky,wish I could follow you around and see how you do it.Do you use the belt buckles in crafting?Every time I find a jar of buttons the buckles are in there too.I don't know what to do with them.

  4. Hi Cheryl,
    I have been following you for many reasons, but right now it is to see how you are doing with the tree house you are building. How is it going? If you have been to my blog you know I love all miniatures. Secondly,I am participating in my first ever valentine tag swap. I was wondering where you find you vintage paper and images. You are very creative I must say and seem to do well in many types art. I myself am interested in many and in no way a mastesr of any. I thank you for any help you can send my way. Have a great weekend,
    Carey from Chicory Nits

  5. Darling pink ring and it's cute that the hubby waved at you! Good idea with the extra "jewels", for the grandkids.
    Have a great time and I hope you find a few treasures!

  6. Another great find! Love the ring! Laughed as I pictured you getting caught in your drive-by, as you impatienly wait for that super sale to open back up!
    Have a great week, Heidi

  7. What great finds! I get so discouraged when I go to yard sales. It seems that all I see is junk (not my kind of junk, that is). And then I see what others have found and I want to try again. Well, maybe this spring. Can't wait to see what you get on your trip. Have fun!

  8. Hi Cheryl,
    I recently discovered your bog and am enjoying going through it. I love yard sailing and flea marketing too! Some nice finds! Look froward to seeing your tags.

  9. You are absolutely hysterical! I would love to go on some of those shopping trips with you. I don't usually find such "prizes."

  10. Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks for popping by to remind me I signed up. I get myself into trouble because my mind is bigger than what I can accomplish so if it's OK I would like to pass with the tag swap right now.

    I love all your beautiful baubles that you found. You truly did find treasure! Good luck on your next excursion, I look forward to seeing your next round of great finds.

    oh also my e-mail is: I need to update my profile with it.

    Thanks again and if you need to get in touch with me please feel free.

    Chris :)

  11. Nice finds. I can see why you like that ring so much, it is really pretty.

    Can't wait to see your tags (hoping you take pics before you mail them out and post later for all to see)
    Anxious to see cupid.

    God Bless,julie

  12. Cheryl, Hope you don't mind, but I laughed out loud picturing the husband waving at you. So fun.


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