We just got back from a little trip to Disneyland and California Adventures amusement parks. The weather was divine, the lines not that long... and lunch at club Club 33 was as fabulous as always~You would never know that this restaurant existed unless you knew of it ahead of time because it is a well hidden, well kept secret. A lot of the staff that work at Disneyland don't even know about it. The entrance is in the New Orleans area of Disneyland. The door is located right beside the exit of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Just a door.... with the number "33" on it, knock and your in. Okokok... you must have a membership to the club to get in... and you must call a few months ahead for a reservation, but after that-- you just knock and the door opens. I always like to start off with a dessert appetizer.... lol.... if you are what you eat... then EAT SOMETHING CUTE! right? Gold signet rings.... this is new to the gift shop. New on my list to Santa too~Chloe was very stylish at Disneyland, she was ultra modern in her politically correct red polka-dot ensemble, and of course a sweet-sweet pixie in lavender,and super sweet in a little Snow White outfit~
Jonathan was a plumber, um... I mean a pirate....Ohhhhhhhhhhh the embarr.ass.ment....We hung out with Tinkerbell for quite some time... Chloe and Tinkerbell have the same personality... So bad at trying to be so good.... you know how those little pixie's can be!They played hide & seek for a while... Tink kept hiding behind Chloe so she never could find her! Thats Tink for you-- so bad at trying to be good!Once they were done playing they got down to serious business and began sharing all kinds of pixie secrets with each other... Jonathan was left out of the loop~ Jonathan didn't waste a second and made a B-line over to Tink & Chloe's good friend Rosetta... He was smitten~ Jonathan was a little annoyed that Chloe was cutting in on his quality time with Rosetta. You can see Chloe clutching at her lavender roses on the front of her dress. Well, Rosetta is a garden fairy, and she would have plucked those off her dress and stuck them in her garden! Those pixie's are tricky like that~After leaving Pixie Hollow, we came across one of Jonathan's pirate buddies. He was searching all over Disneyland to give Jonathan one of his gold coins for his 4th birthday, that made him forget all about Rosetta...The next day, while having breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen Jonathan was dressed like Benjamin Franklin Captain Hook, Peter Pan of course had to come over and pester him. Jonathan did his very best to ignore him~Peter and Chloe have been friends for years & years... as they both are mutual friends with Tink~Even with Chloe dressed in a Snow White outfit that I altered for her, Peter recognized her right away. Normally Snow White doesn't wear a mini skirt..... *wink* Out of the blue, wouldn't you know it--- Tink showed up! What a sweetie, adding some glitter to her little shoes~ Here are my grand kids riding in their sit and stand stroller, they were both passed out. Both of them would have slide on the ground still fast asleep had they not been strapped in. Jonathan has his head in the mesh carry bag that is hooked on the handles of the stroller~It was a very fun mini-vacation :-)


Lynda said...

Just adorable! Love the costumes and sweet faces....enjoy....they grow up fast! lyndaoflakeland.blogspot.com


Very precious day with your Grandkids! Love all the sweet photos! Someday I'll take my Grand daughter! She is 8 now and would love to go!

A.K.L. said...

soooo cute! i'm your daughter's friend! i went to high school with her. anyways, i use to work at disneyland and i met my fiancee there and he still works there. glad to see you guys had fun! :) by the way, i love ur blog!


vivian said...

loved this post! Your babies must have been mesmerized the whole time they were there! wonderful pictures.. love the bare butt shot! he's gonna be mad someday when that pic shows up!!lol
your package should be delivered today!!
happy Easter

Cindy said...

Your grandchildren are so cute - great pics! I just love Disney and can't wait to take my future grands there.