Drilling dominoes

I used the handy dandy drill press I made, to drill some holes into some dominoes. Who knew it wouldn't be as easy as I thought it would be. *sigh* It did help in keeping the drill straight & steady-- but I did have to apply a lot of pressure to drill the holes into the dominoes. I don't know what made me think it was going to be easy-peasy, wishful thinking I guess! I think I drilled about 30 of these big dominoes--- only 5 didn't come out perfectly--- the holes being offset just a smidge~ Here are some smaller dominoes all finished, you can see the size difference between the two.
I like how they turned out... I need more ;-)


  1. You did a nice job drilling! I drill at the very top and then add a tiny eye hook. I'm going to try drilling your way!

  2. Hi Cheryl!!

    Thank you for your comments!!! Sorry its taken me a while to get back to you.. Baby Lewis and school have been sucking up all my time! Plus trying to get things in to more of a routine.. thanks for all the website suggestions! I'm still new to the whole crafting business so at the moment anything is helpful :P I absolutely love your blog! I always check to see if you have written anything new because your creativity amazes me! :) I so can't wait for you to start selling on Etsy! :) Your more than welcome to reply in email.. my email is I don't know why it says its a no reply... someday i'll get the hang of the whole blogging thing! :p

    If you have time I have a question.. how do you find all the swaps? I keep looking for some to join and i can never find any.. I've only been able to find two so far. :/

    Anyways, it was great to hear from you and I hope to hear from you again soon! :) keep up the awesome work! :) God bless!


    BTW... Hands down, I agree with you that a baby is definatly better than having a wedding!! It's by far, the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me :)

  3. They cam out great. Definitely worth the effort.

  4. You really have some neat ideas on this blog. I am now a follower. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower as well.

    I also took a good look at your "button" blog. I never knew that buttons like you have even existed.

  5. Powertools and imagination ~ you rule!


  6. Those are fantastic! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment. It has led me here to see all of the creativity you have going on! Love it!

  7. Hi Cheryl, Thanks for the idea, the Trusty Hot Glue Gun... I thought about using My Mom's old little cupboard but the Grands still play with it... but I think I have an extra shelf in the storage cupboard, More Ideas ~ Thanks
    (Oops, not signed in) but it's Me, Cheryl - ZM


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