I manged to find some treasures recently. Look at this pirate loot-- 50 silver spoons for .15¢ each. Sa-weeeeeeeeeeet~A lovely house shaped bird house.Linens and a vintage Virgin Mary wall plaque.Small figurines from tea boxes... to add to my collection.Also, a magnifier and one of those old repurposed glued open books (soon to be a halloween spell book)Also, this very heavy wooden antique mirror.... $1.
Lastly, some sewing things. All of this and some lace trim and an old tin for only ONE DOLLAR. *gasp* There are 3 pair of pinking shears and one pair of scalloped scissors---- all sharp as the day they were purchased! A jar full of super thick pins, sewing needles and small screw drivers.... and--- enough sewing needles to last me literally my entire lifetime... and I plan on living to be 100---


  1. got lots of treasures!!

    So glad you popped by for a visit on my Blog! I had to laugh at "watch me jump over this poop"!!! LOL

    Happy Fall!


  2. Lots of goodies there! I've never heard of the tea box figurines before.

  3. Yay- what a fun haul!!! Thanks for stopping by to say "hi". Best of luck to your daughter in her real estate adventure!

  4. Ohoo, I am so jealous! Love to find goods like that! lol

  5. Cheryl...wanna Yard Saling buddy tomorrow????

  6. You sent a sweet message to me with regards to my paintings and Miss Mustard Seed....thanks for that. We seem to have way in common....I love everything you love. While you are doing it on the west coast...I am on the east.

  7. Can't get your email link to open?

  8. lots of goodies for you! I recently saw something somewhere using old spoons.. now.. if I could only remember what and where!! It was one of those things that I thought.. "oooh! I have to remember this!" hmmmm.
    have a lovely day Cheryl!

  9. Your "tea figurines" are actually called Wades. They have been around a long time-are premiums found in Red Rose Tea. I have a huge collection and still occasionally find a new one. There are several books published about them if you are interested. You found great treasures. Happy Fall!


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