Cupcake Stand

I've been mulling over making a cupcake stand for a few years now..... I finally decided to make one. I initially planned on making one out of wood, but I spied this silver plated four bowl tiered stand in my studio.... I pulled it all apart and used the bowls as a pattern to draw circles onto the MDF board that was needed to hold the cupcakes on the different layers. Here it is in all its glory~I cut circles out of foam sheets and hot glue them to help hide the circles needed to thread the center piece through the stand, this also helps to keep the circle exactly centered to the edges of each bowl. I love it... I must make some cupcakes to try it out!


  1. Very cute! Check your email...wanna yard sailing buddy this Saturday?

  2. So smart! Enjoy your cup cakes, Cheryl.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    This is my first time at you blog and I love it :)
    Is Button Floozies also your blog?

  3. What a wonderful project! Love this idea. Clever girl!

  4. Oh my gosh! What an incredibly clever idea. Now lets see it with some gorgeous cupcakes on top!

  5. Cute idea - you did good!
    thanks for stopping by and nice comment on the necklace.


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