Yo Ho... Yum-Yum...

Pirate cupcakes for everyone! I made some cupcakes for my grandson's preschool class. I made them super sweet!!! Personally, I like LOVE super sweet gooey sweets... doesn't everyone?I purchased a box of white cake mix and added a can of diet 7UP to the batter (any soda will do, but 7up keeps the cake white). The combination of the two makes an over the top, super sweet cake. To.Die.For.
Here is a close up of the super easy-peasy pirate cupcakes I made~ I added blue food coloring to a container of ready made frosting. Once the cupcakes were frosted, I added a chocolate doughnut "ship" with a Teddy Gram "Captain" standing under a ships sail with a pirate flag of course. Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrdorable! With the added pirate ship and flag, they didn't quite fit under the tiered cupcake stand as I had when I make these again, I think I'll cut the doughnuts in half so they are not so tall. That way I can make a bazillion of them and have the tiered cupcake stand stuffed to the gills with sweet-gooey yumminess.
I also made a bunch of "save the date" little pirate ships to be passed out since his birthday party won't be held until next month on the 9th. I found the printable pirate ship while perusing the internet for pirate stuff. I modified it by using a Dum-Dum sucker as the ships mast instead of a straw, and of course, I added the save the date information.


  1. Both of these turned out so stinkin cute!!!

  2. Cute idea for the cupcakes and card.
    Your Grands are going to love the party.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. cute cuppiecakes! Your grandbabys most just adore you. and love your cupcake stand... again.. "YOUre sooo creative!" do you get sick of me telling you that?
    hope not!
    xoxo and happy day!

  4. I loved seeing that you used the pirate ship printable I created. Made me smile :) Your pirate party looks awesome!


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