Fun Treasures

I was drawn to this dirty old box at a yard sale, it has been my experience those normally don't get opened and are ignored and... typically have something inside them that I will buy! Today was no exception. Can you feel it drawing you closer to it?Upon lifting the lid, I saw a book called "Plaster Casting and Finishes"... I was intrigued. I asked out loud to whomever was listening--- "How much is this box full of stuff?" A very old lady comes over and begins to tell me a very long and animated story about how a salesman talked her into buying this "lettering kit." Lettering kit? Do tell... do tell..... Long story short, the box contains rubber molds that you pour plaster into to create letters. *gasp*...... The box contained 3 different sized molds of letters and numbers. The box even had some pre-made letters & numbers ready to be used.How much did I pay for this fun treasure?*insert happy dance here* I also picked up this ab-fab statue of a fat cat. I do believe my cat "Charlie" sat as a model for this cute~


  1. That is awesome, lucky girl... Di@cottage-wishes

  2. That is a fun find! I did not go junkin this weekend. Other things going on and to hot to be out much.
    Have a great week.

  3. Good score, I love it when the owner can give you a history of whatever unusual thing you are giving a new home too.
    Thanks for sharing...I've been banned from the yard sales by my loving family, so I have to live vicariously through my friends LOL

  4. Me again. :-D Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by the nice comment.

  5. what a great find . I think I will hit the streets for yard sales this coming saturday morning

    I always look in old boxes and have a stack of them I have bought at sales some very decorative

  6. GREAT find! You're lucky to the max!

  7. Oh your studio couldn't be more jam packed with everything for a mixed media artist. I enjoyed your studio tour very much!


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