Recent Jewelry

I've been busy making some new pieces to add to my etsy store. I got a little burnt out making and selling things for awhile...I really enjoy making religious shrines for people to wear, so I thought I'd start there....All of these are $10.00... except for this one below, it is $12.00. (only because I love it!)I love-love the blue on this shrine....I used to wear pearl jewelry This one has a celtic cross as the centerpiece....Here is another one of my favorites out of this lot....This cross has a faint hue of blue enamel on the cross...I love-love how the metal bow looks like flowing fabric on this spoon...Listing them to my etsy store is just as much work as making them!!


  1. So Pretty - You have been busy!
    Do you have a link to your etsy store?

  2. I love these, spoons? I also use lots of vintage religious medals. Isn't it fun?

  3. I just love your spoon jewelry. So very pretty! Have a beautiful day. Tammy

  4. You have been busy! These are lovely!

  5. love that beautiful blue butterfly!


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