Halloween Fun...

I have been having fun making things for this upcoming Halloween... nothing like a bowl of witches fingers to set the mood.

 Oh my gosh, these were so easy to make. Here is a quick tutorial on how to whip some up yourself.
White paint, glue, clothespins, glue on finger nails,  black ink pad, a thin line black marker and hot glue.
If your like me, you'll have everything on hand except for the glue on finger nails. The glue on finger nails I found at our local dollar store, 12 to a box. 
The first thing you'll need to do is drag a black or brown ink pad over the clothespin, this will give the finger a nice aged look when the paint crackles. You don't need to completely cover the clothespin, just age it a little bit. I didn't do that in this example-- ooops! Anywho, once that is done, go over that area with a coat of white school glue.....
 Once you've done that, immediately take another paint brush and go over the wet glue with a coat of white paint. When the glue dries it creates a cracked finish to the paint. So much faster than using a crackle medium.
 You can see in this photo the clothespin drying next to one already dried....spooky.

 You'll want to do this same procedure to every side. Once everything is painted use hot glue to adhere the finger nails to the ends of the clothespins. Draw on some cuticles and knuckle lines and you've got yourself a fabulous witches finger perfect for clipping onto a halloween card, tag... or closing up a small halloween treat bag.
I have made 20 of these so far, with another 10 to go.

 I think if I whip up another batch of witches fingers, I might try using green paint. I think that would be adorable!


  1. Thanks for this, they just make me smile. Thanks for sharing

  2. ooooohhhh! This is definitely new to me. Haven't seen witches fingers before. Very crafty and creative. Have a great day. Tammy

  3. Yes I agree green fingers would be perfect...see you tomorrow night?!?!

  4. Wow -- that crackle technique is great and it sure as heck beats the crackle glaze, at least for something like this! They look terrific!

    My blog visiting is slow -- first, thanks for the nice comments and second, I have much to look into on your site!

  5. These are a hoot, Cheryl!! Thanks for giving the instructions! Oh... and can't you see these for so many other occasions? I'll keep this one in mind, for sure!


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